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We want to make riding TARTA buses the easiest part of your day!

The TARTA Next project takes a broad and detailed look at TARTA’s network, with the goal of improving the existing system and services.

TARTA’s services are a fundamental part of our lives. Better bus service will help create a better future – safe, reliable and affordable access to jobs, education, and services and a pathway to a more equitable and sustainable region.

TARTA Next goals include:

Redesign services to match the way people travel in the Toledo area

Make it easier and faster for more people to get to work

Create more opportunities to use TARTA for different kinds of trips (work, shopping, entertainment, etc.)

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What is This Study About?

TARTA NEXT is a Comprehensive Operational Analysis (or COA for short). 
The project will take a blank slate approach to understanding how transit could work better in the Toledo area and where it should go. 


The TARTA NEXT team started technical work in Summer 2021 by collecting and compiling data and creating maps to prepare for broad conversations with bus riders and residents in the Toledo region.


Steps include:

Comp Analysis_2x.png

Evaluate Land Use
and demographic data to understand the current and future demand for transit 

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Scenario Creation_2x.png

Analyze TARTA's existing routes and performance

Creation of Scenarios and Options for how bus service
could be improved


Evaluation and Conversation about the scenarios, which will lead to recommendations

Recommendations and Implementation
are scheduled for Winter/Spring 2022 

Project Timeline

Summer 2021

Project Initiation

Market and Service Analysis

Comm Engagement 1_2x.png

Community Engagement

Community Survey

On-Board Passenger Survey

Stakeholder Engagement

Fall 2021

Draft Service Improvement Options

Community Engagement

Comm Engagement 2_2x.png

Community Engagement

Winter/Spring 2022

Preferred Service Recommendations

Define near- and short-term recommendations for implementation

Spring 2022

Scenario Creation_2x.png

Final TARTA Plan

Fall/Winter 2022

Begin Implementation

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